This App can be used by the surveyors / field / sales staff who are involved in surveying and sales management.

This App is expected to be the single comprehensive tool that will help all field activities – no other tools would be required to be carried by field staff.

This App can work stand-alone and is quite comprehensive to handle all onsite activities. Of course, operating in connected mode with QuickMove Enterprise Suite helps deliver more value to the relocation company

When the App is integrated with QuickMove Enterprise Suite, data can flow seamlessly between the system and the App. The integrated mode operation is termed connected mode.

Any Android device like smartphone or tablet can be used for the App.

Your data is stored in the device only. In the connected mode data would be synchronised with the Enterprise Suite. Otherwise, the data does not leave your device.

The App is integrated with QuickMove Enterprise Suite. If you are using any other core system, the data need to be manually transferred. You can export data to an excel using the “Export to xls” feature of the App and then upload the excel into your core system.

This App is quite non-intrusive. It does not require any change in your processes or other systems.

The App is quite simple and intuitive to use. Only minimal introduction is required for employees to get comfortable with the App.

The App comes with a detailed user manual which helps the users to understand and operate the App. In addition we provide support over mail & phone.

You can take photographs and link it with the survey. In addition, you could mark / annotate the photos with comments (like highlighting a damage)

The whole onsite process including obtaining customer signature and emailing quotation can be finished instantly. It helps field staff to complete transactions in quick time and close deals fast.

The App already has a repository of master data. Whenever a new item is added, user gets the option to add it to the repository. So, eventually the user will only be picking items from the master list and not typing data

Since the App is master data driven, consistency and quality is automatically ensured.